Saturday, December 22, 2012

winter solstice gift from the fairie queen

This morning the Fairie Queen left a little Solstice gift for Naiya on the back step.  The fey are gone in Winter but the Queen visits occasionally on full moons and holidays to leave a little something reminding us she's still around and will return to live in the garden sometime in Spring.

We forgot she was coming so the little box she and Naiya often exchange presents in was sitting on the kitchen counter.  Instead of using the box then, our pixie friend put the little snowman in a woolie bowl that Naiya has decided will be the perfect rabbit hole on our Winter Nature Table.


  1. This is so cute!! How did you make the snowman? My kids are just starting to be interested in fairies but other than making fairy houses in the forest a few times I haven't figured out how to support their interest...This would be a great idea...

    1. Well, of course I didn't make the snowman myself. I believe it must have been the Queen! ;) What it looks like to me though is that it's three wooden beads glued together, painted and sprinkled with glitter before the paint dries. The mouth and nose are tiny beads glued on and the scarf is a small length of yarn or felt. The little bowl is the same idea as a felted egg (for instructions on that check here: ) As you may have noticed in past posts, the Fairie Queen and her retinue arrive on May Day and leave little gifts occasionally throughout the summer. On the last day of summer she leaves a note saying she'll return after the cold has past but comes every full moon to remind us she's still around.
      She and my daughter have a small wooden box they exchange gifts in. The items are always something natural and most often more simple than what you see in this post...a stone or a shell or a special seed pod. We've never seen her but we can tell she lives out there by the evidence she and her fey friends leave behind. I think if you make a little home for them and perhaps leave them a little something - a note or a snack or a hand made gift - they would come stay at your house as well :) I think they just want to be welcomed by small children and then they stick around.


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