Sunday, December 2, 2012

winter crafting festival

Every year, sometime near the Advent season, the parents at our Waldorf school hold a little gathering for the adults in our community to enjoy a cozy and festive day together sharing our crafting skills.  We call it Heart of Advent. 

For the past few years, I've helped organize this event and this year, although attendance was not high, those who came to share their holiday stories and traditions and chat over tea with needles, scissors, paper and wool seemed to have a wonderful afternoon.

We ended up with a really delightful collection of natural crafts made of a variety of materials.

Transparency stars are always a favorite.  There are at least a few books that provide instructions for these and, I'm sure, a number of online guides as well.   They're great for all seasons but especially nice for brightening up the dark days of winter I think.

Transparency silhouettes were a new hit.  I hosted this table and provided a few samples and patterns but some very enterprising folks came up with really lovely images of their own as well.  These can be displayed in front of a bright window or propped up before a covered candle.  The difficulty is in the fiddly cutting but, if one has the patience, they're worth the time and can provide lovely visual accompaniment for seasonal stories and themes.  I'll try to post a tutorial within the next couple of days.

Of course we had to have some kind of candle craft.  Not only did the beeswax offer olfactory bliss but the theme of bringing light into darkness is so prevalent in stories at this time of year that it just seemed perfect for the occasion.  These are Treasure Candles made in waxed paper cups.  The wick is attached to a wick button in the bottom of the cup with its upper end looped around a wooden skewer.  The wax is poured in a bit at a time.  Treasures like small shells, marbles and beads are added before another layer is poured to hold them in place.  The different colors were made by mixing in old crayon bits.  When the wax is dry, the paper is pealed away leaving a votive type candle.  When burned, the secrets inside are slowly revealed.  Oh so magical for the wee ones.

At the Recycled Sweater Table such a great number of interesting things were made.  It's hard to tell in this photo but that grey elephant was one of the softest, most adorable critters I've ever seen.  There were also hats, mittens, felted flowers, purses and, I think, a few of other stuffed critters as well.

Additionally, folks made little Pocket People, Magical Wool Stars and 3-D Paper Snowflakes.  We  gave away sachets of deliciously fragrant Mulling Spices and our amazing Preschool and Parent/Child teacher was on hand helping many of her parents make the sweetest little Sleepy Dollies.  Sadly I didn't get a photo of any of the lovelies those mamas made.  Some things were trickier than others but I think challenges were overcome and everyone took a hand in helping out where needed.

Finally, tucked away against one wall we had a collection of Seasonal Traditions shared by various families.  It's always so interesting to learn how others celebrate all manner of winter celebrations including The Day of St. Nicholas, Martinmas, Santa Lucia, Hanukkah and, of course Advent itself.

It's what our day was really about - our little village coming together to exchange our holiday traditions and gifts of friendship, stories, skills, patience, laughter and beauty in a relaxed and welcoming joy filled room.

A gift of light
I thankfully hold
And pass to my neighbor
Its shining gold
That everyone may
Feel its glow
Receiving and giving
  We watch love grow


  1. wow, how wonderful! such a beautiful way to gather a community together. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, I wish I lived closer, I would LOVE to attend something like this!


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