Wednesday, May 4, 2011

fluttering by

Come bright butterfly, close to me
Your beautiful wings I should like to see
You fly like a bird, you sip like a bee
But you're really a flower the wind set free

Over the past year I've had this fascination with decor hanging from the ceiling.   There is often a wreath with holiday or season themed objects hanging over Naiya's play table.  Additionally, last Autumn the birthday fairies left a flutter of butterflies in her room.  Since these would have been much more appropriate for Spring I thought I'd wait until this season to mention them.  There is just something magical about these things suspended in mid-air and slowly flitting about as small breezes and rising heat from the vents gently twirl and sway them overhead.

(The magic is made possible with "invisible" thread and a little glob of white adhesive putty stuck to the ceiling.)

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