Sunday, May 15, 2011

needle felted family

These are the newest additions to our needle felted clan.  Lady Spring is there on the right (the current matriarch of our Nature Table) and because we often have need of a family for our puppet shows and story times, I created a little girl and a daddy as well.  I think I need the assistance of a stylist to create man-hair.  This poor chap has a dreadful bowl cut that surely no respectable farmer father would sport.  Perhaps I'll just top him off with a hat.

These were based on the same design as the Mother Earth doll I created a few months ago.  (For that tutorial click here.)

People are always surprised at how simple needle felting can be.  Just last week my sister-in-law was over and said she didn't really understand what needle felting was.  When I pulled out my felting needle and whipped up a little bird-like critter in a few minutes she seemed somewhat shocked.  "That's all you do?!"  she exclaimed.  Yes, there isn't really much to it.  For those wary or who feel lacking in artistic talent, know that needle felting is one of the simplest, most fool-proof forms of creation around.  Go ahead, get yourself a needle and some wool and give it a go!

(To see some other easy needle felted projects I've previously posted, click here, here, here, here or here.)


  1. these are adorable! Ive not done needle felting in a few years, must have another go

  2. Thanks Karen. They really are so simple. :)


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