Sunday, May 1, 2011

may day

Today when we went outside to fetch the blueberries from the freezer, Naiya found this beautiful basket on our back doorstep.

After our fun filled day at the beach yesterday we had nearly forgotten that today is May Day!  I don’t know how that could be because it’s a holiday we just love.  The Celts considered this cross quarter day of Beltane or May Day the first day of Summer with the Solstice in June marked as Mid-Summer instead.  With our very wet, dark and cold half of Spring just coming to a close though, it makes sense that Summer should be proclaimed when the sun really comes to stay.  Had it occurred to us, perhaps we would have stayed at the coast last night and danced around a bonfire for Walpurgis Night then crowned our May Queen as the light of dawn crept over the horizon this May morning.

Instead, we found that the fairies in our yard had done something of just that sort and we crowned Naiya as our queen just after our delicious blueberry waffle breakfast.

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