Friday, March 9, 2012

chicken vs. lion

Dandelion that is.
It's that time again.  And whenever we head out to weed (not fun), Naiya and I like to turn it into a game (fun)!  We call it "Lion Hunting" and we even have a special song... (to the tune of "Going on a Bear Hunt" from an old ditty I remember singing at summer camp)...

Going on a Lion Hunt
(A Dandy-lion Hunt)
I'm not afraid
(You're not afraid)
Got my weeder
(In my hand)
And some chickens on my side...

 (It somehow seems much more amusing when its sung with the tune.  
You might have to be five to appreciate the song.)

When we've got a big tray full we offer them up to the chickens.  It's not much of a battle there really.
The chickens win every time.

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