Tuesday, March 13, 2012

decorating spring candles

Inspired by Thomas Berger's Wax Whimises, Crafts and Candles for Families, Naiya and I recently embellished these beeswax candles using Decorating Wax from Stockmar.
The Decorating Wax is very thin sheets of colored beeswax perfect for adorning candles of every season.  Little hands can easily cut it with a dull knife or even with cookie cutters.  Naiya couldn't get enough of this activity and asked if we could get more of the eggs.  My favorites were those we rolled ourselves (like the one on the right) from Dyed Beeswax Sheets purchased at our favorite local Bee Supply Store.

Busy little bee!
Wax you've made for me.
What I'll make we'll see.

(verse from A Child's Seasonal Treasury by Betty Jones)


  1. So pretty, what wonderful memories making these will have created :-)

  2. Thanks for the compliments. Hope you enjoy some decorating in your own homes :)

  3. These candles are great. love to see them


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