Tuesday, March 6, 2012

paper butterflies for spring

For Spring there are so many sweet butterfly crafts.  This year we discovered this really easy folded version that can be made quickly by both adults and children.

There are endless variations on this theme and all sorts of alternative materials and designs that could be used.  We started with some crayon drawings we had laying around but one could just as easily use patterned scrap book paper, card stock or even pretty recycled magazine pages for the wings.  In addition to the paper we needed scissors, some wire (I like copper), needle nosed pliers and beads (optional).

Begin with a rectangular sheet of paper.

(Any size will do.  This one is about 4" x 2½". )

Fold it in half length wise.

Fold in the corners on each side.

This can either be done so that the sides form points (as seen here) or have a flatter edge (depending on the wing shape desired).

If using a thicker card stock, one may wish to cut off these folded corners.  For thinner paper, leave as is.

Fan fold from the center out on each side.

Repeat with a second rectangle that is about two thirds the size of the first.

Bend a length of wire around the two pieces, binding them together with a twist at the top.

Slide a bead over both wires (if desired) and curl the antennae by wrapping around needle nosed pliers or a pencil.

We thought these could be hung from a Seasonal Tree, used on a Nature Table or even placed inside of Easter eggs.

Flutter by,
Floating flower
in the sky.
Kiss me with your
Petal wings---
Whisper secrets,
Tell of Spring.


  1. These are beautiful, what a wonderful craft, I will definitely need to remember this one. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Hehehehe~~Love the words at the final! Love your work!!And I found your blog yesterday, you're so talented!!:D All the work is grabing my eyes!! Expect your more work!!:D I want to teach my little niece!!Hehehehe!!!

  3. These are really lovely, I think I'll be trying to make a few with my girls next week.

  4. i love origami and your sweet butterflies are fabulous! TFS

  5. These are so cute. Our gardens are filled with butterflies right now. How lovely to be able to have some lit indoors. I'll be linking on Wee Folk Art's Facebook page. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. These are so beautiful! So tender and cheerful and easy to make.

    I'm learning to become a teacher at a Waldorf school in the Netherlands, and right now I'm surfing the internet looking for inspiration. I found exactly what I was looking for on your blog! I definitely will make the butterflies with 'my' children in first grade. Thanks a lot!



    1. Hi Margo. Your comment was lost in my mail for almost a month it seems. Glad I finally found it! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog and hope you find some small bit of inspiration. The best to you as you embark on your magical journey. -dionne


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