Wednesday, March 14, 2012

natural crafts for filling easter eggs

Last year I did a post around this time called Sweet Things That Aren't Candy with a few hand made ideas for filling Easter Eggs.  They were mostly just that - ideas.  This year I've been on the look out for small crafts tutorials I can share that are a bit more complex but still easy to put together in an evening.  There are so many really beautiful mini projects perfect for this purpose from bloggers around the world.  (Just when I feel like I'm a moderately imaginative gal, my search around the web puts me in my place.)  I came across dozens of astoundingly creative folks out there!  And we're not just talking pictures, these gals have step-by-step instructions available.  As always, my favorites are those made from natural materials.  This is just a sampling... 

Myrtle & Eunice have a really clear, comprehensive tutorial with a pattern for these simple, adorable Easter Chicks (which can be made with or without legs).

 This is, by the way, my new favorite blog! 

Over at The Purl Bee, I found a how-to on these adorable Bunny Finger Puppets.  Molly says you can make a set of five in one evening with time to spare.

At Plain and Joyful Living there's a knitting pattern for these Simple Little Gnomes.  Perfect for a Spring Nature Table and small enough to nestle in an egg.

I don't knit, but I also found these Tiny Baby Bunnies from Mochimochi Land.

If I had perfected that skill, these little gals would probably be underfoot everywhere in my house.


Since I do crochet, I might take a crack at some Crocheted Roses from The Philosopher's Wife

I especially like that done in a variety of colors, these can be displayed and played with for several seasons.

If you can manage the translation, there's a tutorial at Poppenatelier Severine for these super sweet Root Children.

For an English version, just hit the Google Translate button to the right of the instructions.  Even without the translation though, the photographic guide is pretty clear (especially if you've ever made a Waldorf style doll).

What tiny, egg-filler handmade crafts might you have to share?


  1. I've been making some wooden magnets shaped like bugs, and little spinning tops. I love those Easter chicks at the top. I might have to make some of those, too.

    1. Oh yes, I had forgotten about magnets. Those are always a great idea. So many possibilities...

  2. So fun. Those tiny baby bunnies are a scream. Do you knit them with toothpicks I wonder?

    1. They're size 1 needles. Click to see the tutorial and check it out. So adorable, eh?!

  3. Lovely, that you went collecting and shared with us. Myrtle & Eunice has been one of my faves too.

  4. You made a nice collection of "easter/springthings". I feel flattered to be one of them! Isn't it wonderful that ideas go over the world like this, through internet?

    Greetings Severine

    1. Thank you Severine and thanks for allowing me to share. I too love when ideas cross the ocean and we "meet" such creative people from around the world through the internet. Love your Root Children! Very beautiful.

  5. I don't have an egg filler, but I did make an egg :)
    It's about halfway down this post:

    Thanks for sharing everyone else's ideas. They are just great.


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