Monday, December 19, 2011

the fourth light of advent

Advent, Advent a candle burns
Advent, Advent a candle burns
First one then two then three then four
Then stands the Light Child at my door
 The fourth light of Advent is the light of humankind
The light of love, the light of thought, to give and to understand
    As the fourth light is illuminated on our Advent wreath, the human figures begin to arrive at the manger. 
    Although I wasn't able to hand make the animals this year, I am frantically creating one human figure each night to place in Naiya's Advent bag before she wakes in the morning.  I started with a couple of shepherds (do they look like shepherds?) and next will be adding the three kings and Holy Family. 

(If you're interested, I'll be posting a tutorial on how to needle felt these little dolls within the next few days.)

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