Tuesday, December 20, 2011

more classmate gift ideas

I got a couple of appreciative bits of mail regarding the idea for a classmate gift I posted a few days back so I thought I'd share some other sweet hand made presents that we gratefully received.  There are so many crafty and creative folks out there!

One classmate made these adorable walnut shell candles that were delicately bundled in a cloth with a Christmas wish attached.

(Just out of curiosity, I set these in a bowl of water and, as I suspected, they float!)

From another friend, Naiya received this enchanting gnome topper on a rainbow Lyra pencil.

She carried this one around for hours banging the poor gnome's head on every
surface she passed. 

(I found out this idea came from The Gnome Craft Book by Thomas and Petra Berger.)

From Naiya's kindergarten teacher, she was thrilled to receive a holiday offering of a gnome and a stone that were part of a story told in class that day.  The connection to the day's tale, of course, made this present extra special.


  1. Oh wow, those walnut candles are so lovely and the floating is extra special.

  2. I have a waldorf kindergartener too--enjoying your blog so much! tried making the paper lanterns but was foiled...will try again!

  3. Sorry you were foiled Laura. We've just returned from traveling where I was making them with children and I have this added tip: On the step where the square is folded in at the edges then unfolded and folded again to make the two overlapping squares, I would do the folds so you can still see the line they're folding to...hmm. Hard to explain. I'll try to add a photo on the tutorial in the next couple of days. I've noticed that if that particular fold overlaps it makes the final step almost impossible. Feel free to email me with any questions. I'm happy to help :)


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