Wednesday, December 14, 2011

no candy in this land

I'm not a huge fan of board games but a few years ago someone gave Naiya the classic favorite - Candyland.  I never had this game as a child so, unlike some friends of mine, the thing holds no sentimental value for me and, frankly, I find it rather boring.  I suppose board games can help children learn to follow instructions, instill patience and teach them that sometimes there are winners and losers in life.  I don't know...  I'm just not good at enforcing the rules when we play and often the game degenerates into something it was never meant to be.
 Yesterday when Naiya pulled out dreaded Candyland, she (thankfully) didn't even ask me to participate.  I couldn't actually tell you what went on with these game pieces but I don't think there was any candy in her magical land.

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