Monday, December 12, 2011

making our own wrapping paper

     Every year around Christmas I try to come up with inventive ways not to purchase (and waste) wrapping paper for holiday gifting.  In the past I've sewn and put into circulation oodles of reusable fabric bags or wrapped presents in bits of fabric or play silks. 
     This year, since our afternoons are often filled with arts and crafts, I have had the additional waste-not-want-not dilemma of what to do with the plethora of beautiful drawings and paintings my daughter turns out week after week.
    You see it coming of course...  Why not put all of those lovely watercolor paintings, stamp works and crayon drawings to good use?  We've got wrapping paper galore just waiting to be wielded!  When I mentioned this to Naiya she suggested we make a few larger sheets in case some big gifts needed a little bundling up. 
     Another new holiday tradition is born.


  1. I did this with my four daughters when they were little, too, and I still think it was the most beautiful wrapping paper, ever!! You are making lovely memories with this family project!! Merry Christmas!

  2. I think those big brown rolls of heavier duty Craft (Kraft?) paper would work even better. What did you use (designs, stamps, sponges...) to decorate yours Heather? We could use some more ideas! :)


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