Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the second light of advent

   So we had a little glitch in our Advent plan.  In years past, we have always had our wreath on the dining room table and the nativity scene was set up in its entirety when Advent began on a table near the Christmas tree in the front room.  This year I wanted to put both wreath and the crèche on Naiya's Nature Table and after placing the stones and plants from the first two weeks on the wreath, I wanted to put the animals and human beings that arrive in the third and fourth weeks into the awaiting manger.   (I had laid this all out when I talked about the first week of Advent here.)
   After much dramatic opposition, wailing and gnashing of teeth, it didn't work out.  It was a nice idea but it involved change and, if there's anything that pushes my daughter over the edge, it's change.
   No, absolutely not would she accept that the wreath wasn't on our eating table.  Definitely intolerable was the empty manger on her Nature Table.  Everything ended up exactly as it was in years past.

  What I did manage to alter were the verses we've previously used for each week.  I had found portions of our old collection a bit forced in rhyme scheme.  
In the morning Naiya finds a little gift in her Advent bag to place upon the wreath.  This week we're celebrating the richness of the Earth's incredible plant life.  With each meal we light the candles and sing our daily verse.
Advent, Advent a candle burns
Advent, Advent a candle burns
First one then two then three then four
Then stands the Light Child at my door

The second light of Advent is the light of plants.
Plants that reach up to the sun and in the breezes dance.

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