Thursday, December 22, 2011

our winter nature table

Happy Winter Solstice to all!
Softly, softly, through the darkness
Snow is falling.
Meekly, meekly in the meadows
Lambs are calling.
Coldly, coldly all around me
Winds are blowing.
Brightly, brightly up above me
Stars are glowing.


  1. What a beautiful winter nature table!! Love the pictures, and the needle felted figure!!

  2. Really lovely. Love your king winter and the crystals.

  3. I love your Mr Winter, his beard is so cute and curly, what type of wool did you use. I don't know enough about different wools and so far I am stuck using merino for everything.

  4. I bought some wool at a local thrift store in an unmarked bag. All kinds of weird uncombed fleece. Barely even washed. Unfortunately I couldn't tell you what it is but it' probably from a curly haired sheep like a Devon Longwool. I'm not a sheep expert though. Could even have been from a curly haired goat I suppose. Try your local flock/fiber festival in the Autumn. These festivals are held all over the country and a lot can be learned about the different breeds and fleeces there. :)

  5. Your nature table is beautiful! Thank you for sharing :-)


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