Wednesday, May 23, 2012

crocheted flower garland

Portland, Oregon is the City of Roses.  At this time of year, especially where we live on the east side of the river, it seems much more like the City of Rhododendrons I have to say.  Come June though, I know those roses are going to make themselves known.  We'll welcome some fresh blossoms into our home here and there but, as always, I like to reflect the natural world outside with crafts displayed in our indoor play spaces.

When I saw this free crochet pattern at Joann Fabric and Craft Store the other day, I picked it up and spent a couple of hours making this vine for Naiya's Summer Nature Table.  (The pattern calls it a scarf but I just can't see myself wearing something like this.  Perhaps others have a bolder sense of fashion?)   The pattern said it was for those with "skill level 3" (whatever that means).  I think by about the fifth rose I was making them according to the directions.   I altered the pattern somewhat to make it more random and in the end ran out of yarn but, still, I think it's kind of sweet and Naiya has already draped it here and there as a garden paradise for her play gnomes.

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