Sunday, May 6, 2012

may faire

As always, we enjoyed a festive and playful day at this year's May Faire at Naiya's school.  Although the weather was not uncomfortably cool, neither was it especially warm and the sun never really came out (so I didn't get all the beautiful, bright photos I had hoped for).

We still had a great time at this, my favorite Waldorf festival, and my five and a half year old not only participated in the many offerings but preferred to do them without me this time around!

The first sign of this new found independence manifested when, after the traditional weaving of the pole, the small children were invited to join the grade six dancers.  Where my sometimes shy kindergartener would normally stand back and quietly observe such amusements, this time she enthusiastically took the hand of a friendly stranger and cavorted with delight.

Perhaps enamored with the beauty of the older girls in their finery, she also joined the procession of the May Court as they made their way to the Queen's dais.

But I must gather knots of flowers,
And buds and garlands gay,
For I'm to be Queen o' the May, mother,
I'm to be Queen o' the May. 
                                         - Alfred Lord Tennyson

Before she eluded me for much of the afternoon, Oma was able to get one (slightly out of focus) shot of her in her fresh flower wreath.

We had made these at home in the morning and Naiya chose all her own flowers.  (For a quick wreath making tutorial click here.)  Of course my daughter loved the biggest, bulkiest blossoms so when it came time to actually wear the garland, it was a bit burdensome and she opted out.  For the rest of the day, Oma (whose birthday coincided with this year's event), Opa and I wore ours though and reveled in our fragrant halos.
beautiful birthday girl
(thanks to my friend Chrisi for grabbing my camera and snapping this rare shot of me!)

 In addition to the mirthful dancing, the day's activities included boat racing, angling for felt fishies, making fairy rings, goat petting, cake walking, hair braiding, a kids circus performance and, of course, hours of beautiful singing and music of all sorts.

Another genuinely joyful observance celebrated with family and so many of our good friends.

Sing a song of May Day,
Hi dee ho dee hay!
Showers of flowers from breezy bowers,
Hi dee ho dee hay!
Dancers and prancers in high grass
Hi dee ho dee hay!
Joyfully skip each lad and lass,
Hi dee ho dee hay!


  1. What a wonderful day!! Our school's May Day celebration is not for another week and a half, but I know we loved it last year. I would like to invite you to share your day at our link party, Happy Family Times, We are trying to inspire more quality family times for all of us. Thank you!!

  2. Such a wonderful celebration - looks so joyous! And the children look to be in their element :-) Lovely to see a photo of you too - you look radiant with your flower wreath :-)

    Thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times


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