Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a visit from the fairie queen

During most of the year, the Fairie Queen only visits on the full moon, but (as some of you may already know) she returns in earnest on May Day and in late Spring/early Summer, she and her friends randomly stop by for a day or two and hold festive little soirees in our back yard.  She always leaves a gift for Naiya in the box they exchange back and forth, and sometimes we can see evidence of fay activity in their little corner of the yard.  Last night they added a swing to their tree house!
They also had some kind of feast and brought (or grew?) a fresh crop of toadstools.
They refreshed the Maypole with new flowers.  (Naiya had been thinking that bouquet up there didn't look so nice.)
And my dear daughter was ever so pleased with today's present from her beloved back yard monarch.


  1. Adorable! Your little girl must be ecstatic!

  2. It's a wonderland, so inviting! My dear daughter just graduated from college!
    Karen from

  3. Did you see that Donni is collecting pictures of fairy houses on Magic Onions!? The may pole is so precious. love, Beth

    1. I did. Thank you. I put up a link over there a few weeks ago. She has collected so many wonderful ideas! I just never know what our fairies are going to do...


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