Tuesday, May 15, 2012

little clay houses

Now that Spring has fully sprung, the Fairie Queen has begun to occasionally leave small gifts for Naiya on the back doorstep.  Last year she crafted a couple of tiny houses and this season she has added two more to Naiya's growing collection.  Naiya thought the big round one looked like a yurt.  "Do fairies live in yurts?" she asked.  "I think the Fairie Queen makes little houses that look like the houses she lives in with her family," she explained to me.

Of course, only the Queen knows for sure, but my guess is these were made from Super Sculpey and painted with watercolors.  Very simple to create and also relatively quick.  I think they'd make a great last minute gift for a child's birthday or the perfect addition to a seasonally changing Nature Table.


  1. Very cute, I think I might have to have a go at making some of these.

  2. These are just beautiful. One of them looks like a Russian onion dome. Gorgeous!

  3. I love these little fairy houses, how special that the Fairie Queen leaves little presents, what a magical tradition! :)


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