Wednesday, May 9, 2012

may day nature table

Last week as we were celebrating May Faire at school, our Nature Table likewise welcomed Spring and the dancers of the season...

Some friends of mine and I made these cute table-top May Poles at a gathering we recently had.  We had seen a version of this at Spring Creek Store and wanted to similarly liven up our children's play places.

I didn't take any in process photos but they were pretty simple to put together:

   -The base is a chunk of branch about 1 1/2" tall with a hole drilled into the center.  (Thank you Chrisi!)
   -Into the hole we stuck a foot long 1/4" dowel and secured it with glue from a glue gun.  (All subsequent gluing was done with the glue gun as well.)
   -We then cut strips of various colored ribbons and glued each one individually onto the top of the pole. 
   -We embellished that tip with silk flowers then wrapped the messy stems with a broader bit of ribbon.

VoilĂ !  Mini Maypole!


  1. Beautiful! Interesting reading about your Maypole-tradition.In Sweden the maypole is a part of our Midsummer-tradition in June but without the ribbons.

  2. Beautiful.
    I made a new maypole for our children at home, we have had one for many years.
    I am wondering if you drew your prints or if not where you get them from and who is the artist.

    1. Love your giant Maypole! That must be such fun. At our school's celebration, the adults don't participate but I would so enjoy being part of that dance myself.
      I didn't draw the pictures but purchased them as art cards. The sowing picture is by Dorothea Schmidt from Kunstkarte and the Maypole drawing is by Marjan van Zeyl from a company called International Design. I got them at Spring Creek Store but various Waldorf supply stores will often carry a variety of these kinds of cards.

  3. Precious display. Have visited some of your pages and the crafts are adorable.

    1. Thank you. I just poppped over to your blog as well. Wow, what a boat! I'll have to scroll through your content when I've got more time. Looks lovely and congratulations on your newest littles!


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